Stotre Optimization

Store optimization is that completely includes many people who would otherwise have some of the best apps on the market. Creating an app that works great and does a ton of cool things is not necessarily enough to get a lot of people to use it. Marketing is a huge part of the game. If people are unfamiliar that the app is available or they are not fully aware of what it can accomplish or how great it is, they very well may choose to bypass it in favor of other apps which are similar, but may not be nearly as stunning.

Emobitechnologies splits its marketing services by device, (iPad, iPhone and Android) each with it's own marketing team. Under each marketing team they provide the same services with the added adjustments for the creative and app store optimisation.


Finding Keywords -

Finding keywords that are relevant to the app itself and stuffing descriptions full of those keywords is not sufficient. Brainstorming keywords and then creating a list of keywords that are readily accepted with most search engines.Finding Keywords can sometimes be hard because it involves a great deal of effort

Finding the Right Category -

Finding the Right Category is equally as important as that right category is chosen for the app and that it is not placed in the wrong area. make sure that it is placed in the correct category.

App Description-

Description is all about writing about the app and engages the audience and makes the individual who is considering downloading it want to know more.Always describe what the app is and what it does and then go on to elaborate about why it is important that someone download that particular app instead of a different one.This will also make additional downloads and drive more people to the app store.

Screenshots and Icons-

app store optimization cannot occur without screenshots and icons that accurately describe what an app is used for and why it is best. Use caution in selecting the right images so that the general public is interested in the app




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