Emobi Technologies Launches Cheat Spouse/Child Protector for Android

. Nice You have to install this app on the phone you want to track. Then put your number it will come to you !! by Jeffrey Bailey

. It does what it says it does!! Awesopme app, I would give it 5 stars if there was an option to pay and not have the games installed. BBut otherwise this app rocks !! by Kris Sanchez

. Awesome! Works good on anroids !! by Nick carrie

Emobi Technologies recently launch new Apps Cheat Spouse/Child Protector for the Android . Cheat Spouse/Child Protector which is top ranked app on the Android platform. Never seen before in the history on Android.

Do you suspect someone is cheating on you ?
Whenever your child,wife,sister and lover receive or make a call or get missed calls you will get the instant message with
calling/receiving/missed calls number and duration of the call.

This application has the following features to know the details of :

1. the incoming calls details
2. the out going calls details
3. the complete incoming sms forwarded
4. the complete outgoing sms forwarded
5. missed calls details
6. you can hide this application icon in the other mobile on whom you are spying on.

Cheat Spouse/Child Protector Free version is available on the Android Market here:


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