Mobile App

Mobile is revolutionizing the way we look at technology today. Application developed has to be tested across versions, devices, carriers, locations and operating systems. While there is complexity, there is market and very lucrative one. It is very important to test mobile applications.Emobitechnologies Platform lets you track bug reports and test case results in real time and alerts you about the most recent issues and events.uTest also offers mobile productivity tools to help you track bugs and get feedback throughout the entire software development lifecycle.Mobile app testing is complex - be sure you're covered from all angles.Take advantage of remote real devices in the cloud.We ensure that the software meets the user's requirements and preferences, satisfies compatibility.

Types of Testing for Mobile Apps:

Functional (mainly Black-Box)
Installation / Integration / System
Usability & Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
Load / Stress / Performance
Compliance Testing (508, UK and European accessibility standards)


Why Us:

We are familiar with Content and Application requirement guidelines for various operators.
We Enable REMOTE Testing capabilities for Any Device / Any carrier / Around the Globe (GSM, CDMA) we can make necessary changes to your applications if you need us to do. We work with over 2000+ mobile devices and have a large in-house inventory of all kind of handsets such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android Phones, Nokia, LG, Siemens and Ericson.
Ability to test various applications on numerous Handset devices