M-Commerce refers to a range of transactions including buying and selling of goods and services connected through wireless network and conducted through mobile devices, such as − mobile phones, tablet PCs etc. Wireless networks like 3G, GPRS, GSM, and CDMA have enabled the Indian Mobile Users to access internet on mobile devices.Emobitechnologies isan Mobile Commerce Technology Solutions Provider company.Emobitechnologies is involved in root level research on GSM/CDMA technology, embedded and mobile phone based applications for Mobile Commerce ecosystem. Emobitechnologies Infrastructure integrates with various front end applications like e-purse, Bill Payment, Prepaid Top up Vouchers, Vending Machine operation, e Governance and many more third party applications being offered by various organizations / aggregators / financial institutes. We can offer our clients a professional setup for designing, implementing, testing and deploying Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) Applications.


Advantage of M-Commerce:

Mobile Internet Usage has already surpassed desktop visits in India
Mobile Internet in India has become more secure and fast
M-commerce in India is likely to outperform e-commerce as a choice for digital commerce transactions.
More than 50% of the Smart Phone users in India search for local information over Mobile Internet.
M-commerce allows time critical and emergency transactionsConsiderable flexibility when conducting business

Why Us:

Mobile travel information and booking
Mobile access to corporate intranets
Mobile brokerage
Mobile Banking
Ordering, checking availability and prices, delivery information with acknowledgment and confirmation