a framework is a real or conceptual structure intended to serve as a support or guide for the building of something that expands the structure into something useful. Web application frameworks are software tools that are commonly used to aid in the creation and management of various types of online applications.Framework includes templating capabilities for presenting information within a browser, the programming environment for scripting the flow of information and the application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing underlying data resources.Emobitechnologies is a general, open source, Emobitechnologies web application development framework. Its primary goal is to make it easier for a Emobitechnologies developer to create web applications.Emobitechnologies tries to solve only the fundamental problems of creating a web application: the mapping of URLs to code, templating, security and serving static assets. web application framework will also provide for basic housekeeping functions that are necessary to managing data housed on the servers that host the web pages.

Types of framework architectures

Push-based vs. pull-based
Three-tier organization


Why Us:

Our Expertise


Ruby on Rails is a full stack, cross-platform open source framework. It works on all major OS like Linux, OS X and Windows. It not only supports the most common open source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL but also SQL Server, Oracle and others.
Emobitechnologies brings together the power of agile development and Ruby on Rails to deliver web applications that surpass all industry standards.


PHP is an open-source Web scripting language that is gradually becoming the most preferred language for development. We ensure that your app gives you the maximum returns on your investment.
Emobitechnologies has one of the best team of PHP developers in Delhi. Some of the major PHP frameworks on which our developers have expertise on are Symphony, Code Igniter and Cake PHP.


Django is a high-level Python Web framework that is frequently used by developers for faster development and clean UI design.
Using the simple but strong, Python-based Django framework, Emobitechnologies has successfully developed powerful Web solutions with very few lines of code. The solutions are remarkable for their high performance and shorter turnaround time.