Today, online retailers are scrambling to deliver smartphone-and-tablet-friendly websites. There are typically two approaches for this. First, they can build a separate mobile website with different templates, CSS, and HTML coding. Everyone knows speed to market is key.Emobitechnologies, we perform the tests most crucial for ecommerce sites.Emobitechnologies has provided Security testing for many Fortune 100 companies where Security is paramount. There are many versions of the Android operating system and just as many screen sizes and least test in the most popular browsers that your site visitors are using. Test the major browsers that you see in your analytics, on Windows 7 and 8, and on Apple OS .The testing of web applications and e-Commerce systems is typically performed remotely. These should include at least the last two major releases of these browsers:

Internet Explorer;


Why Us:

We use a set of field proven methods: various means of Internet connection establishment, different ways of load testing, fast verification of Internet-links and finding broken links, etc.
We are always ready to share our experience in this domain with our customers and suggest them a better solution if anything in the Web-applications does not correspond to these standards.